There are 15 governors in total - 6 of these appointments are made by the Church, 2 are staff, including the Head teacher, 2 are parents, 1 is appointed by the local authority, 1 by the Sir John Moore Foundation, 1 is Co-opted  and there is also an ex-officio role for the local church.  We also have the ability to appoint associate members (non voting) in an advisory capacity with we have 1 .  The current Governing Body is a follows:

Sharon MacBean (Chair)- Foundation

Joanne McCudden (Vice Chair) CO-OP

Sarah Daft - Foundation

David Keen - Foundation

Tae Carpenter - Head teacher

Revd Sue Bradley - Ex-officio

Annette Bridges - LA

Richard Hine - Parent (spouse - school secretary)

Stella Kent - Foundation

Anthea Lawton - Staff

Dominic Middleton - Foundation

Nigel Smith - Sir John Moore

Natalie Pettitt - Foundation

Siobhan Hardman - Parent

Sabina Hardman - Associate (No voting rights)



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One Governor has declared a relevant business and pecuniary interest. March 2017