Sir John Moore C.E. (A) Primary School

Creating, Confident, Caring Christian Children

Sports Day 2016

It was brilliant watching my team cheering for me. 


I ran as fast as the wind in a sandstorm.


I ran as fast as a cheetah but Isabella beat me. 


After my race I felt proud of myself.


My Mum and Dad and Abigail came to see me because they never miss sports day.


I ran like the wind overtaking everybody in my race.


This is how to win your race, run as fast as you can, balance your egg on the spoon carefully and don't give up.


Remember it is not about winning it is about taking part and having fun.


I came 3rd place in the Year 2 running race, 2nd for egg and spoon and 3rd for running round the field.


In the running race I ran as fast as a hare.


Mr Davies was in charge of red team and he is fab and ace.