Sir John Moore C.E. (A) Primary School

Creating, Confident, Caring Christian Children

Pupil Absences

If your child is ill, please either phone before 9.00am on the first morning of absence (and everyday thereafter) so that we are aware that a child will not be attending school. If we do not hear from you by 9.30am, we will contact you to find out where your child is.

If your child is taken ill at school we will make the necessary care arrangements until you or a designated carer is able to take over.  However, please make sure we have a phone number or address so that we can contact you if necessary.  We would like you to keep your child at home when ill and only to return when fully recovered, as a school day can be demanding .

If you are unable to collect your child on time at the end of the day, please phone the school and let us know what arrangements you have made.  We will not allow a child to go home without clear authorisation from you.



Click here for the Attendance Calculator to illustrate the effect of your child's attendance on their learning