Sir John Moore C.E. (A) Primary School

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Parent Communications

Dear parents and carers,


‚ÄčI am encouraged to see that the number of positive Covid cases within school are on the decline, but we are still experiencing a small number of new cases and need to remain vigilant.


Whilst we are taking every precaution that we can to minimise the spread such as handwashing, sanitising surfaces and touch points regularly, deep cleaning of classes, reminders to children and staff about social distancing (where they can), it is still prevalent.


We ask that you bear with us as we navigate through this wave and continue to do your part by getting your child PCR tested when advised to and giving reminders to your children regarding hygiene washing and social distancing where possible.


The following measures are still in place so please continue to adhere to them when on site:-

  • The one-way system and singleparent or carer requirement at drop off and collection
  • Mask wearing when in close contact with others on site
  • Keep children close to you and minimise time on site
  • Take time to ensure social distancing at drop off/pick up
  • If you have more than one child in your household and one of them tests positive, please arrange PCR tests for the other siblings (as per current government guidance) but keep the Sir John Moore siblings at home until they have their results back.The siblings will be allowed back into school upon receipt of a negative test result. We will continue to provide home learning packs/ online learning for all isolating pupils.


We will review these measures when we return from the half term holidays.


Thank you for your continued support.

Mrs Carpenter