Sir John Moore C.E. (A) Primary School

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SJM Gardening

“Plant the seed and let it grow”

At SJM we encourage new ideas, individuality and enthusiasm so when a pupil came and asked if he could start a gardening club, how could we refuse?

In the SJM core gardening team there is 1 pupil from each year group. Also, throughout the year, classes tend to their class raised beds too.

From the group’s comprehensive team gardening plan, the team have planned and designed the school’s herb and sensory garden. With the help of Appleby’s allotment association treasurer, Mrs Bird, and our very own Mrs Pickering, they have cleared a small part of the school grounds to grow herbs, fruit, vegetables and flowers as well as providing fantastic accommodation (bug hotels) for the mini beasts and bird feeders for the birds.

Their hard work, sweat and numerous nettle stings has not gone without reward, over the year, the team have earned several awards and prizes (including fruit and vegetable plants, gardening books and a gardening calendar) from the Royal Horticultural Society (R.H.S) and continue to work on projects to gain the next level awards.