Sir John Moore C.E. (A) Primary School

Creating, Confident, Caring Christian Children

British Values Statement


British Values


At Sir John Moore School we are using the following values;

Democracy, Fairness, Mutual Respect and A Rule of Law.

We aim that our children should be prepared for life wherever that may be, so we feel that as a result of engaging with these values not only prepares children to live harmoniously in Britain, but also as a good citizen of the World.


Children are involved in the democratic process through voting for School Councillors. When the School Council meets they are given every opportunity to give their views and ideas.  A member of the SLT reports back on what the school council has decided. We ensure that our children have enough accessible information to make informed choices at their own level.

When children need a discussion on their behaviour we ensure that it is a discussion that enables them to make choices about their behaviour and how they can modify this themselves. We host “board meetings” to discuss areas of improvement and the children’s ideas and input feedback in to an action plan.


We promote fairness in all we do so that all children have equal opportunities. This is evident in the way children can access out of school learning which is free to all and is allocated fairly so that all children have the same opportunities. It is also evident in the way children are rewarded.  Teachers ensure all children are rewarded equally and all children receive quality feedback about their work.  When children have been involved in conflicts, this is resolved by the teacher or a member of the SLT discussing the incident with each individual concerned so that the truth is known.  Children are given the opportunity to reflect at these times on how their behaviour has affected someone else, and the appropriate sanction.


Mutual Respect

Mutual respect is promoted in the school through the Behaviour Policy, PE and Sports Curriculum, RE curriculum, Collective Worship themes, PSHE work and School Council.

At Sir John Moore Primary School we endeavour to have a calm and supportive atmosphere where children can feel they are important and expected to do their best. We expect excellent manners and children are rewarded for this by all members of staff using the house point system. 

Across our curriculum and in particular RE and Collective Worship discussions, children are introduced to people of different faiths and beliefs.  We consider why people behave in the way they do and find similarities in our own lives where we can to gain understanding. We regularly visit other places of worship and encourage an open mind when considering other faiths and beliefs.

A Rule of Law

 An effective Behaviour policy is essential to achieving a calm and effective environment for learning and the policy is based on school rules which are evident around the school, playground, dining hall and class. In this way the behaviour expectations are clear to all children.

We investigate incidents of poor behaviour thoroughly and also promote a positive image of law enforcement by having a Police Community officer giving talks in assemblies. 


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